Marketing Solutions for Businesses of all Shapes and Sizes

Social Media Services

Need a Facebook or Instagram page set up? Done. Need more followers? Done again. Hello Sheep will deliver the best ad campaigns on social to increase your brand's awareness and reach.

Lead Generation

Find out which customers are most likely to purchase: Our lead generation tech collects signals volunteered by users, such as from sign up lead forms, so your business can connect with those people later to complete the transaction.

We started with a focus on marketing and advertising to generate brand awareness.

After a few months we realised a massive shift had happened in the traditional sales funnels. Buying-intent signals now occur earlier. Mobile and social dominate as the pre-purchase touchpoint for consumers. Yet, more than 70% of all small businesses don’t have a social presence – resulting in potential loss of sales.

We decided to become a company that synthesises sales and marketing together and switched our focus to creating better and relevant marketing solutions for all businesses, and for all devices.



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